Beginners PSP Guide

As a gamer, nothing is more exciting than picking up a new console and trying it out for the first time. The PlayStation Portable is the most popular handheld console and is often used by video game enthusiasts who enjoy graphically enhanced games. Using the PSP can seem daunting at first because it’s so different from other consoles. This short beginner’s guide will help you become a master of your new video game system in a matter of minutes.


The controls on the PSP device are unique and interesting but this also makes them confusing as well. You’ll notice that the screen of your gaming system is located in the center of the device. On the left side of the screen you will have four directional buttons as well as an analog stick. On the right side will be your PSP’s main optional buttons that perform important tasks depending on the game being played. The arrow buttons on the left side will usually be used for changing the view position of your screen within the game, while the analog stick is used for directional movement of your character. It’s rare that you see this switched up. The optional buttons will perform various functions in your game depending on the developer’s choice of their usage. More often than not you’ll have the “x” button be used as the main control, with the “o” button used as the secondary control. The square and triangle buttons typically get set as the least important main controls since they’re a little harder for the user’s fingers to tap.


If you’ve ever owned a gaming console before you’ll begin to wonder how the memory is stored since most video game systems have some sort of memory card. The PSP is no different, but finding the PSP’s memory card slot can be a bit of a challenge. It is located on the left side of the device and will have a thin rubber cover over it. You can peel that cover off to reveal the card slot. Most PSP systems will not come with a memory card and it will have to be bought separately.

Home Screen Features

One of the coolest components about the PlayStation Portable is the amount of features that are included in the device’s software. Here’s a quick rundown of the various features you’ll find.

Music Player
Video Player
Internet Connectivity
Photo Gallery
Gaming Center

Each feature has an independent tab that is represented by an icon that resembles it. This makes it easy to navigate through the different options. In order for your PSP to play any music or videos, you’ll have to download them onto your device. This can be done through the Internet connectivity section. You’ll need a wireless connection to hook up to the Internet since the PSP device does not have an Ethernet port. Once connected, you can use the browser to find downloadable content that you can use on your system.

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