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Tekken 6 Review And Gameplay

The Tekken creators once more push the envelope and expand limits with the Tekken 6 game. Fans of the Tekken series can expect a visit from past characters and combos that provide your opponents with more harm. Newbies to the game will be thrilled to know that

Halo 3 Tips And Tricks

Do you want to master Halo 3? All you need is a number of top tips and tricks. The tips and tricks below will help you successfully conquer your opponents. 1) Know your weapons Knowing weapons available for use in Halo 3 is critical. The weapons either

How To Play F1 2011 Game

Formula one 2011 is a very captivating and challenging sport to watch. Now, you can actually play the racing game on your computer right at the comfort of your house. The popular F1 2011 Game comes with the following interesting features; Players can compete in co-op Championships

Playing NBA 2K16 For The Story

Over the years I’ve come to understand my preferred selection of genres. I play the games where I shoot bad guys with bullets, preferably in slow motion. Is there a fun story. Fast forward to a friend of mine telling me that NBA 2K16 will feature

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